Weekly Challenge #204: "Valentangle"

This work is titled " lopsided love" 

How many of you can spot the lopsided heart in this work? Please comment when you do ;) 

Weekly Challenge #203: "UMT - Athitzi by Eleanor Holt"

This is my work for the weekly challenge #203. I feel it looks like a snowflake, maybe m still hungover from the Christmas & New year holidays. But........I really enjoyed the tangle 'athitzi'. It's fun and if your like me (a little too obsessive on details) then this tangle is going to be one of your favourites! 

Something special............called LIFE

This one is for you Daddy...Rest In Peace

I started this drawing thinking how precious life is and we do not realise that UNTIL.....well obviously death. 

Weekly challenge #193

I know...I am late! I had this drawn by last Wednesday, but it has so many mistakes I did not want to post it. Never to lose hope when simple pencil shading can fix it....Ta-Daa after the shading well I must be honest I love the tile! 

But I hate Huggins!!!.."..It got so loony after I kept repeating it! I think my brain just went all buzzzzzzz......

Botticelli's Three Graces - WIP

This is one of my ambitious works! That is for sure...Right now I am in a phase where I want to know what painting technique works best for me. So I started to experiment with different painting methods that I am interested in.
I wanted to do a part of Botticelli's  "La Primavera" and  I choose The Three Graces.

In this post I shall be telling you about my composition and the painting method I followed.
The background of my painting is a collage of two of Raphael's paintings, with the Three Graces.

The background and colours are inspired from the above two paintings.

The method I followed is one interpretation of the Old Master Painting methods and can be found in http://brassgoggles.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=11073.0 

I have to tell you before hand that I have not followed the steps mentioned in the above link sequentially. I mixed yellow ochre and a tiny bit of black acrylic paints and used that colour to cover the white of the canvas(don't know why I did that!.). But since I had covered my canvas with dark yellow ochre-ish colour, I thought I'll just continue with the steps mentioned in the link.Then I drew the figures and used burnt umber to place the shadow areas. After this I did the scumbling with titanium white. While doing this I also painted the background almost to completion.

Will continue talking more about this in my next post...